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Yardley Farm Field

The Yardley Legacy

Our Roots Run Deep in the Beaver River Valley 

The Yardley Cattle Company was established over 160 years ago when our family first settled in the Beaver River Valley. The early settlers of this region helped one another survive the harsh elements by working together to grow healthy food and sustain their families.

For generations, we’ve been salt-of-the-earth-ranchers, raising delicious grass-fed beef for our families and our community. From the majestic Tushar mountains to the plush valleys of Beaver, Milford, and Manderfield, our cattle are pampered on rich grasses and the cleanest water in the United States. 

Stewardship & Stress-free Cattle

In the same spirit as the original founders of the Yardley Cattle Company, we believe it’s our job to pass on something good and wholesome to the next generations. That’s why we’re committed to sound farm management and conservation practice standards. 

We’re old hands at ensuring the animals in our care receive humane treatment because like you, we know that’s just the right thing to do. You won’t find healthier grasses or more content animals anywhere. 

Helping Families Thrive

We know what it’s like to want your loved ones to be healthy, strong and vibrant. Access to nutritious food is an essential part of achieving this goal.

Our all-natural beef comes from a carefully selected stock that has grazed on rich grasses the majority of their lives. We NEVER add steroids, antibiotics or hormones to their diet. 

Our lean and nutritious meat is harvested at the cattle’s prime, then aged and hand-trimmed so every cut is worthy of its rich heritage.

Know Where Your Food Comes From 

Goodness and honesty have always been the North Star of Yardley Premium Beef. The folks in our community have trusted us for decades to provide clean, quality beef for their growing families. Now, our grass-fed beef is available to anyone who wants to taste the difference, and more importantly, have peace of mind knowing their food comes from a trustworthy source.

From Our Family Farm to Your Table

On Pasture – Grass-fed

In Beaver County, the temperate climate and high-quality grazing lands play a prominent role in raising grass-fed cattle. Our stress-free cows live on pasture year-round, pampered with the finest grasses and the purest water on the planet today. 

We rotate our herds often so they are always eating the most nutritious shoots and giving the land time to recover. On-pasture finishing requires patience but the reward is steaks that are marbled, tender and juicy with a healthy fatty acid profile. Our animals are ethically processed and our beef is dry-aged to enhance the tenderness and flavor even more. Customers often tell us that just knowing our cows are treated humanely, from start to finish, enhances the flavor of the meat and makes for a better dining experience all around.

Our Promise to You

All of our animals are treated humanely and ethically. Your meat will NEVER include steroids, hormones, dyes or antibiotics. Quality food and caring for people come before profits. We’ll make it easy for you to know where your food comes from.

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