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How To Order

Step 1: Choose a specialty box OR wholesale beef

Choose one of our Specialty Sampler Boxes featuring a smaller selection of our premium cuts OR purchase our premium beef wholesale in whole, half, quarter, eighth, or sixteenth portions, perfect for stocking your freezer for your family.

Step 2: We ship directly to your door

For the freshest beef possible, our meat is carefully vacuum packed and frozen, packaged in an insulated box for safe delivery. You can expect your order within 2-6 weeks of purchase, directly to your front door.

Step 3: Enjoy a difference you can taste

From our farm, to your table, Yardley Premium Beef brings a difference you can taste. Our grass-fed, pasture finished beef boasts marbled, tender, and juicy cuts that you and your family are sure to enjoy. Get ready for a better dining experience all around!

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I recall I used to feel sluggish after eating meat, but with this beef, I feel energized. Even after 35 years with no animal protein in my belly, I have no problem digesting the beef from Yardley. I never thought I'd be a meat-eater again, but Yardley Beef has changed my mind and my diet.

Lori B.

Vegan 35 Years (First-Time Customer)

Buying quality beef today is difficult. Not with Yardley! Not only do I know the quality of my beef through their efforts, but I can tell by the incredible taste. Best beef I've had and a healthy sustainable source for my family. Literally a difference we could taste and can't get enough of!

Brien S.

Lover of Meats

Nothing but the finest of meats touches my seasoned smoker. With that said, Yardley Premium Beef is now the ONLY beef I'll use in competition. Flavor, quality, and consistency are what I love most. If you love meat, guaranteed you'll love this more than the rest.

Chuck N.

Champion Meat Smoker

Our Promise to You

All of our animals are treated humanely and ethically. Your meat will NEVER include steroids, hormones, dyes or antibiotics. Quality food and caring for people come before profits. We’ll make it easy for you to know where your food comes from.

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